Welcome Back! Using Mobile Solutions to Safely Reopen Your Campus

Learn what measures universities are taking to adapt to the new way of doing business and how the use of Transact solutions including contactless payments, mobile ordering and capacity management solutions are helping them reopen and provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Moving Orientation Virtual, a Panel Discussion

Learn how three different institutions plan their approach for virtual orientations. Discussion topics will include creation of student ID’s without visiting campus, minimizing face to face interaction, as well as how they are planning for the fall semester in times of uncertainty.

Creating a Safer, Efficient Student Experience in a COVID-19 Environment

Learn how three other institutions utilize Transact technologies to minimize contact and support physical distancing recommendation. Discussion topics will include transitioning to mobile credentials, distributing campus ID’s without waiting in line, and minimizing overcrowding in common areas such as food courts.

How to offer the BEST payment experience at your 2-year school – and still save money

The repercussions of Covid-19 are going to significantly impact how all schools operate in the future. This can be especially challenging to Community Colleges, 2 Year Colleges, and Technical Colleges.  As student learning shifts to remote interactions, how can the business office respond by providing mobile/remote payment options for students and parents, while still saving money?   Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Transact Payments has been developing real solutions for Community Colleges to address these issues.  We’ll be joined by Colby Community College to hear firsthand the payment challenges they were facing and what steps they took to help meet the needs of their students and parents, while helping the school save money. 

How to Simplify and Improve Payment Processing

Payment processing at the campus business office can often be a touchy subject. Whether it’s the worry of PCI compliance, how to properly manage service fees, or how hard it is to reconcile payments, business and finance offices often struggle to find ways to overcome these challenges. But as much as some institutions might believe it impossible, there are ways to simplify and improve payment processing on any campus.  Watch this web seminar to learn practical strategies to overcome these challenges, and learn how Southeast Missouri State University simplified daily reconciliations, reduced the burden of PCI compliance, and managed service and convenience fees for credit and debit card transactions.

Addressing Today’s Campus Needs with Mobile Ordering

During these unprecedented times, many institutions are having to find unique ways to serve those who may need to remain on campus, while adhering to social distancing requirements. Learn from a panel of campus leaders how they are using mobile ordering to serve students and faculty while maintaining social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Payments: Product Features that Can Help with Remote Work

Many educational institutions are transitioning to online classes for students and remote work for Transact Payments administrators, and we want you to know that we are here for you as you make these adjustments. We’ll look at features that can help you perform your job duties remotely, especially when working with customers over the phone.  We’ll also look at additional capabilities, including ePayment, Full Service Payment (FSPP) preferences, Customer Research Center (CRC), User Emulation, Authorized Users, SMS Messaging and Note Codes.

Transact Product Synergy Meets Unique Needs for Xavier University

Xavier University uses multiple Transact products to streamline processes and enhance student engagement on their campus. Discover how they improved services including their Inclusive Access textbook program, donations, and other services using the Transact Mobile Ordering App, Transaction System, and Mobile Validation solutions. 

Understanding 529 Plans - Equipping students and parents for success

Institutions are struggling to help students find new ways to pay for tuition and fees. At the same time, 529 savings plans are becoming increasingly popular, but disbursing these funds to the school can be burdensome for students and parents. Is your campus prepared to help your students and parents understand how they can disburse their 529 funds in the most convenient way possible?

Keeping Student Fees in Check While Elevating the Student Account Experience

Colleges are in a constant struggle to provide today’s students with the highest-level learning experience, while managing the rising cost of education.  What steps can today’s universities take to minimize the costs to run their financial platform while helping to ensure students can achieve their degrees and minimize student debt at the same time?  Join us to find out how Morehouse College was successful from both a philosophical and system approach to help students and their parents manage their educational cost without diminishing the student experience. 

Use of Mobile Credentials for Heightened Security

Join Transact and Arkansas State to see how to protect your campus community while meeting the needs of today’s mobile phone-centric students with a fast, secure NFC-enabled Mobile Credential. Learn how the industry’s first NFC-enabled Mobile Credential deploys on student cell phones for use across campus the same way a student ID card works. The webinar will explore how the system not only improves student experience but also bolsters security through its integration with physical access control and other systems. Find out how this system — which connects students with a fast, secure NFC-enabled Mobile Credential on their mobile devices – can also improve security by integrating interior room and exterior building access control, security monitoring, video surveillance, electronic locks from integrated partners, turnstiles and parking gates.

Transact Mobile Credential | One Year Post Launch

Join Dan Gretz, Transact Senior Director of Market Development as he examines Transact Mobile Credential post-implementation results and activities with Jeanine Brooks, Director of the Action Card at The University of Alabama.Aligning with our long-term vision for NFC-based credentials, Transact offers campus credential supported on the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, and on Android devices—providing a first-class user experience for students and a highly secure, easy-to-use solution that is fully-managed by the campus.

Providing a Superior Credential Issuance Experience for Your Students

Join Transact and Entrust Datacard for a webinar on simplifying the student ID issuance process to create a more satisfying 5-star student engagement experience. We’ll provide an overview of the features of an integrated TruCredential card production solution and Transact Online Photo Submission. The program will include information on the migration path from ID Works to TruCredential and tips to prepare. Combining the new capture and distributed printing capabilities of TruCredential with advance submission and approval of photos delivers multiple options to reduce student wait times while increasing customer service.

Campus Mobile Credentials: Improving the Student Experience

Today’s students expect their campus experience to be mobile-enabled. To meet these student expectations, institutions are offering a mobile credential option for campus ID and access cards, enabling students to use their smartphones or smart watches to access meals and facilities, attend events or make purchases, all in a highly secure, easy-to-use platform that is fully managed by the institution.

Campus Mobile Ordering: Engaging with Gen Z Students

The next generation of students has a different set of expectations when it comes to their campus experience. Among these changing expectations is a preference for mobile ordering options for campus dining. Providing institution-branded mobile ordering can grow on-campus sales, increase engagement and cater to the busy schedules of college students.