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Give your institution a competitive edge by offering more amenities and services to better serve the needs of your students, parents, faculty, and community.

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Deliver a feature-rich, convenient shopping experience for your students facilitating item sales, order fulfillment, and inventory tracking while taking full advantage of the latest payment security technology.

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Manage your concessions and vending operations with a complete solution to significantly decrease settlement time and provide real-time inventory tracking.

Mobile Ordering
Provide the ultimate convenience for your students with real-time mobile ordering.
  • Allow a student to choose a restaurant, personalize their orders, select a payment method, an submit and order-all from their mobile devices.
  • Encourage engagement with a mobile rating prompt or in-app call-to-action.
  • Influence student behavior and provide incentives and loyalty rewards for accessing services campus-wide.
Point of Sale
Provide your cardholders convenient and quick access to their account funds, virtually anywhere and anytime on- and off-campus, with a complete range of fully-integrated point-of-sale (POS) transaction applications.
  • Support a wide range of retail and dining transactions with industry leading devices including point-of-sale registers, kiosk, mobile registers, and real-time online and mobile ordering.
  • Provide flexible payment options and allow students to pay with their stored value accounts, credit cards, and meal plans.
  • Access real-time dashboards and reports from virtually anywhere with centralized, web-based reporting.
Incorporate card and Mobile Credential acceptance at retailers for student convenience campus wide. Enjoy higher sales, simplified processes, better reporting, and accommodation of bookstore-only and other restricted-use accounts.
  • Streamline your back-office operations with real-time dashboards and reporting for on-hand inventory, integrated shipping and receiving, and purchase order management.
  • Utilize integrated application intelligence and access sales reports to ensure margin expectations via real-time database updates.
  • Support cashless and credential-driven transaction with broad retailer acceptance campus wide.
Provide students with an easy way to pay for printing and copying with a widely-compatible and flexible system allowing you to monitor, control, and report on document output.
  • Support a cashless campus with a solution that can be seamlessly integrated with existing and third-party systems onto one secure platform.
  • Streamline administrative operations and increase efficiency with flexible system set up and sleek design purposely built for the needs of students and faculty.
  • Gain additional document output insights, with the flexibility to utilize existing system hardware.
Allow students to use their campus cards and Mobile Credentials to pay for laundry services, increasing student convenience, eliminating coin collection, and improving reporting capabilities.
  • Enhance student convenience and alleviate their day-to-day stresses by extending cashless payments at laundry facilities.
  • Eliminate the need for coin collection by allowing students to pay for laundry services via a simple tap of their student ID or mobile credential.
  • improve reporting capabilities and gain insights into credential driven transactions.
Ensure fast, reliable, and secure transaction processing for concession and event sales. Using a combination of web-based, mobile, and field-tested hardware platforms, manage your operations with real-time data for inventory and sales.
  • Increase campus event revenue by providing a better experience for students, family, and alumni.
  • Modernize your event operations by supporting credential-driven transactions campus-wide.
  • Prepare for future events and improve efficiency with real-time inventory tracking for concession specific metrics.
Extend your cashless operations even further by including vending in your program with a system compatible with third-party vendors and a choice of wired or wireless high-functioning devices.
  • Provide campus wide convenience by ensuring compatibility with multiple credential types including contactless campus ID cards and mobile credentials.
  • Increase campus spend for on-the-go students by providing a variety of dining options to meet their busy schedules.
  • Work with the largest network of popular, third-party vendors to deliver flexible, self-service point-of-sale applications.
Off-Campus Merchant Program
Students are constantly moving between campus and the surrounding off-campus community. Allow your students to make cashless purchases with their campus ID cards at off-campus institution-approved merchant locations.
  • Heighten the value of your student ID card and mobile credential program by extending cashless payments to university-approved off-campus merchants.
  • Strengthen town-and-grown relationships with off-campus merchant product & service offerings.
  • Increase incremental stored value deposits and revenue with customized, off-campus marketing services and campaigns.

Transact Mobile Credential

Meet the needs of your mobile-centric students with a fast, secure NFC-enabled Mobile Credential for Apple and Android smartphones and Apple Watch.
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