Integrated Payments
Give your students the ability to securely make payments over the web, while simultaneously helping to streamline campus operations and reduce costs.
  • Reduce lines in the cashier’s office by offering students secure, online payment options via credit cards, ACH, campus card, 529 plans, Masterpass, ApplePay, and foreign currency.
  • Easily integrate with ERP portals, and existing student information and finance systems.
  • Provide students with recurring payment options.
  • Supports GradGuard™ Tuition Insurance.


Reduce the cost of accepting payments with web-based, multi-layered security, and privacy features. Control how you manage convenience fees and process payments via credit card or ACH at competitive rates.
  • Easily handle credit card reconciliation, charge-backs, and refunds to streamline operations.
  • Redirect previously-paid credit card fees toward capital projects and school programs.
  • Utilize our customer service team to assist with inquiries from students and their authorized third-party payers.
Offer multiple payment options with SmartPay
CampusPay for Tuition Payments
CampusPay for Tuition Payments
Manage all your reconciliation needs and simplify your ability to accept ACH and card tuition payments with a single payment processor.
  • Enhances ePayment and Payment Plans with the security, convenience, and simplicity of a single payment processor.
  • Manages all your back-end reconciliation needs, chargebacks, and refunds for cards and ACH.
CampusPay for Non-Tuition Payments
Make non-tuition payments easy and gain an added level of support through a single payment processor to help you simplify processing fees and reduce reconciliation complexity.
  • One partner manages all your fee reconciliation from ACH and card payments for non-tuition items
  • Streamlines your operations through the management of chargebacks and refunds
  • Easy non-tuition card transactions with one interchange rate
CampusPay for Non-Tuition Payments
Provide your students ways to pay with payment plans
Payment Plans
Provide your students helpful ways to pay with payment plans designed and tailored for your institution. Plus, leverage our marketing and support services for help getting started!
  • Easily enroll students in plans online via electronic signature.
  • Offer multiple payment options, including credit and debit cards, ACH, campus card, 529 and foreign currency.
  • Allow fixed and variable plans to help attract and retain students.

Digital Commerce
Create robust online storefronts with secure back-end payment processing with this user-friendly tool. Reduce your PCI scope by managing all of your online stores on one platform with one merchant code.
  • Provide a simple shopping environment with photos, descriptions, and fast and easy payment checkout options.
  • Get added security with an encrypted mobile card reader.
  • Easily integrate with other campus applications and existing storefronts to provide back-end payment processing.
Digital online storefronts for your college
Automated bill presentment, delivery, and notification
Bill Presentment
Present your bills online, eliminating the cost of postage, paper, and handling while providing enhanced service to students and families.
  • Automate bill presentment (including 1098-T and 1098-E).
  • Electronically deliver static bills with details that include new charges and payment history.
  • Eliminate labor and postage costs associated with printing and mailing bills.
In-Person Payments
Process quick and secure over-the-counter, back-office payments and departmental deposits campus-wide. Accept payments anywhere with mobile capabilities. So easy to use, your cashiers can be trained and ready to go in 30 minutes.
  • Integrate your payment platform with many ERP systems, including home grown versions.
  • Research and report on all customer information from one centralized platform.
  • Support encrypted card swipes and manual keypad entries for cashiering stations.
Over-the-counter, back-office in person payments
Disburse financial aid refunds
Credit Balance Disbursements
Make disbursing credit balances effortless by allowing fast and easy electronic processing for financial aid refunds.
  • Eliminate the need for paper checks and reduce your administrative costs.
  • Easily keep track of students who have opted in to receive electronic refund disbursements.
  • Leverage user emulation technology to view a portal exactly how a student does.
1098 Automated Delivery
Give your students the ability to receive, view, and download their 1098 tax forms electronically.
  • Automate the electronic delivery of 1098-T and 1098-E tax forms.
  • Give students the ability to view and download their 1098 tax forms electronically.
  • Reduce labor and mailing costs associated with printing, mailing and filing 1098 statements.
View and download 1098-T and 1098-E tax forms
Infographic Payment Plans a powerful weapon against student debt

Survey Says ... Payment Plans are Effective

Payment Plans are a powerful weapon in the fight against student debt.
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More Information

Payment Plans give you the option to offer flexible tuition plans to help your students manage the growing costs of higher education.
Transact Payments Overview

Whether it's to simplify electronic bill presentment, accept payments all over campus, offer flexible tuition payment plans, or create online storefronts, Transact Payments powered by Cashnet fits your everyday campus needs.

Web Debit Account Validation Rule Preparedness

On March 19, 2021, the NACHA rule for ACH debit authorizations received over the web will become effective. Transact is taking the steps to stay ahead of compliance by incorporating features for the new NACHA ruling to the Transact Payment system.

Houston Community College ePayments case study
Houston Community College moves to Automated Payment Plans

Explore how automated payment plans allow HCC to serve students efficiently while still being able to work with their existing student information and finance systems.

Transact Payments powered by Cashnet

Provide simplified billing and payment options for your students and families. Cashnet is now Transact Payments powered by Cashnet.
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