Privilege Management


Student meal plans
Meal Plans
Process a mix of plan types, flex accounts, and more; integrate with point-of-sale (POS) systems and accommodate all dining locations.
  • Increase on-campus spending by providing students with flexible meal options from self-service to fine dining.
  • Integrate with your current POS system to accommodate a wide range of dining operations.
  • Provide unlimited meal plans, menus, and dining locations to meet a variety of food preferences.
Stored Value
Allow students to make cashless purchases with multiple account types, online access, and integration with all types of credentials and POS.
  • Give students, parents, and authorized users the option to view and manage account details from their mobile phone and online.
  • Keep students informed with real-time activity alerts to their email or mobile phone.
  • Save time and resources by leveraging existing investments and integrating with your current POS and ERP system.
Stored value accounts for cashless purchases
Provide authorized access to events
Provide students authorized access to events such as club meetings, athletics, performances, and more.
  • Simplify your event check-in process for both on- and off-campus events.
  • Allow students to check-in via their campus credential with a simple tap of their campus ID card or mobile credential.
  • Verify attendance eligibility and collect behavioral data of student's presence at events.
Make attendance monitoring easy for faculty and provide a simple way for students to check in via a quick tap of their student ID.
  • Give students the ability to check in to class with a quick tap of their campus credentials on a mobile or wall reader.
  • Ease attendance monitoring with exception view, multiple course collections, easy imports and exports, flexible check-in/out policies, multiple instructors/courses, and reporting.
  • Centralize and access reports easily with cloud deployment, mobile access, and integration with your SIS, LMS and Transact System.
Attendance monitoring for higher education

Security Management

Enable a safe campus with complete, easy-to-manage security solutions custom designed for education.

Scalable video surveillance systems for colleges

Integrate Transact Security Management with your Transaction System, Student Information System, Housing Information System, and more.

Secure your campus with versatile, sophisticated, and user-friendly door access solutions.

Create as many schedule exceptions (such as holidays) as you need - there's no limitation on the number.

Security management system designed for education market

Get powerful features such as automated intelligent access assignment, automated statuses and imports, and immediate lock-down capabilities.

Door access solutions for your campus
Door Access Control
Help secure your campus with versatile, sophisticated, and user-friendly door access solutions.
  • Set access control for buildings, classes, labs, and more with door organization and grouping.
  • Manage your system with mobile monitoring, momentary unlock, and lockdown/override options.
  • Integrate with a wide array of hardware from Transact, or partners Allegion and Assa Abloy.
Video Surveillance
Provide real-time awareness and intelligence through a feature-packed system that's reliable, scalable, and effective.
  • Choose from multiple client options: monitor station, web client, and mobile app.
  • Use the rules manager to configure triggered actions based on events.
  • Ensure growth with an open architecture; integrate with door access systems, support hundreds of cameras and backward compatibility with legacy systems.
Scalable video surveillance systems for colleges
Six key features for a video management system

Security Management for the Education Community

Learn the six features a comprehensive, education-focused security system should include.
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