Transact Introduces Transact Exchange:‌‌ A Platform to Connect and Integrate Mission-Critical Campus Systems

Platform to Debut at Ellucian Live 2022

PHOENIX, AZ – April 7, 2022 –Transact, the leader in innovative credential and payment solutions for a connected campus, today announced its newest cloud-native platform, Transact Exchange, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that enables data sharing between key institutional systems. Transact Exchange middleware brokers traffic between Transact products, third-party vendors, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) partners to support the 21st century connected campus.

Transact Exchange delivers out-of-the-box compatibility with all modern higher education ERP systems. Low code drag-and-drop editing limits the need for custom development by simplifying client customizations and ongoing maintenance. With communication between technologies streamlined, mission-critical operations are optimized for institutional stakeholders from IT teams to business administrators, reducing internal burdens and freeing time for high value tasks.

“Campus administrators need flexible, interoperable tools that integrate multi-vendor ecosystems, close business process gaps, and solve the challenges of multiple technology stacks,” said Nancy Langer, CEO, Transact. “As universities expand their remote access capabilities for staff and students and move to create hybrid work and study arrangements, the growing trend toward digital integration has only accelerated. We’re thrilled to be the leader in the marketplace and to debut this solution with our Ellucian Ethos Connect Badge.”

Benefits of Transact Exchange include:

  • Compatibility with all higher-ed ERPs with modern APIs
  • Cloud-based architecture eliminates the need for dedicated servers to host integration packages
  • Visual programming which empowers business owners to tailor integrations to their exact needs and limits custom coding
  • Application development is accelerated through connectivity of third-party products with reusable components
  • Supports a high volume of data exchange in real time
  • Cost savings realized by limiting the need for on-premise integration technologies
  • Transact and community-authored flow sets built for higher education

“The success of this digital transformation in higher education rests on the ability to securely integrate diverse systems into an institution’s ERP,” said Mrinal Virnave, Chief Architect of Product Development, Transact. “ERP integration needs to be designed effectively and we are confident that Transact Exchange will enhance data flow across institutional systems and deliver the connected campus experience that today’s students, faculty, and staff expect.”

A virtual on-demand demonstration of Transact Exchange will be available at Ellucian Live 2022 starting on April 10, 2022. The first integration released will be Transact Payments and Ellucian Banner, using Ellucian Ethos.

About Transact

Transact is the leader in innovative payment and mobile credential solutions for a connected campus. Its highly configurable, mobile-centric campus technology ecosystem simplifies the student experience across the full spectrum of student life and streamlines transactions for administrators, faculty, and staff. Transact offerings include integrated solutions for tuition, room and board, and commerce. Transact also provides solutions for multi-purpose campus IDs and stored value. With a long-standing reputation in the education community, Transact proudly serves more than 12 million students across 1,750+ client institutions with one connected experience. Transact solutions facilitate $45 billion in payments annually and have enabled more than 90 million contactless mobile wallet transactions and $150 million in mobile orders in less than three years.

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