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Cloud POS

Manage menus, transactions, and sales operations across campus. Aggregate orders for streamlined preparation, fast availability, and coordinated pickup. Share pricing information with customers and cashiers, plus enable self-serve kiosks remotely. Transact Cloud POS generates more than 60 standard reports, keeping you up to date on sales trends and inventory.

School Benefits

  • One connected solution for all transaction channels
  • Exportable data for easy accounting
  • On-the-fly scheduling and menu changes
  • Intuitive dashboard for viewing 60+ standard reports
  • One unified solution to process, prioritize, and fulfill any retail transaction from any supported device

Student Benefits

  • Multiple payment options that include debit card, credit card and Campus ID accounts
  • Choose the way you want to order: cashier, mobile ordering, or kiosk
Cloud Point of Sale
Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering

Support the busy lives of students by offering mobile ordering from any location. Let students personalize orders, select from various payment options, and choose pickup times that fit their unique schedules—all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

School Benefits

  • Maximize activity/revenue at on-campus dining facilities
  • Increase student satisfaction and engagement
  • Support a contactless experience for your students
  • Boost the image of the school with innovative services
  • Upsell, cross-sell, create promotions and incentivize student purchases

Student Benefits

  • Customizable orders from on-campus locations
  • Enable contactless ordering and pickup with optional third-party locker integration
  • Receive notifications during every step of the ordering process
  • Receive estimated order pickup and table wait times
  • Earn loyalty points and receive notifications of special student benefits and offers

Busy students will appreciate the speed and convenience of ordering, scanning, and paying for small purchases at self-service kiosks around campus. Freestanding or mounted on walls, tables, or counters, kiosks keep lines moving and revenue adding up.

School Benefits

  • Save on labor costs with fewer cashiers
  • Encourage purchases with personalized message displays
  • Support peripherals including: scanners, card readers, scales, terminals and more

Student Benefits

  • Quick transactions; no waiting in line
  • Multiple payment options including debit card, credit card and Campus ID accounts


Integrate and manage all cash registers across campus—retail stores, fast-casual restaurants, concession stands, food trucks, and more.

School Benefits

  • Enable Transact Campus Commerce POS devices
  • Create instant POS stations with portable devices
  • Support peripherals including: scanners, card readers, scales, terminals, and more

Student Benefits

  • Multiple payment options including debit card, credit card and Campus ID card
  • Fast service and convenient locations

Off-Campus Merchant Solutions

Give today’s students what they expect—friction-free, multi-channel options for making purchases across campus and beyond. Using terminals integrated with campus ID cards or mobile credentials, students can make cashless payments for books, sporting events, and food with university-approved off-campus merchant partners.

School Benefits

  • Integrated reports and accounting of transactions for the school and merchant
  • Extending cashless payments to university-approved off-campus merchants

Student Benefits

  • Secure transactions with no need to carry cash
  • Stored value to facilitate purchases anytime, anywhere
Off-Campus Merchant Solutions

Campus Commerce Client Case Studies

Georgia Southern
Georgia Southern

Learn how Georgia Southern University was able to streamline and fully integrate Mobile Ordering with their Cloud POS and inventory systems.

Mercer University
Mercer University

Transact Mobile ordering helped Mercer university improve student experience across campus.

Xavier University
Xavier University

Learn how Xavier University uses innovative, mobile-first solutions from Transact to enhance student engagement and retention, streamline processes, and improve communication.

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