Payment Plans Made Easy

Transact Integrated Payments

Give every student a greater chance at success with a choice of full-service, flexible payment plans that help them reduce debt or avoid it altogether. Full-service Payment Plans provide a complete suite of functionality, while Promise to Pay plans bridge a gap for students waiting for their secured financial aid to be deposited in their accounts.


School Benefits

  • Customized plans to collect tuition, housing, and meal payments
  • Multiple payment options
  • SIS integration for accurate student records
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Free turnkey marketing services

Student Benefits

  • Reduced student loan burden
  • Flexible plans to spread out payments for tuition, housing, and meals
  • Clear, simple enrollment instructions
  • Ability to set up auto payment and reminders
  • Multiple payment options - ACH, debit and credit card, international payments, 529 plan, Apple Pay, and alternate payments