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Is your campus seeking to deliver modern, mobile-centric payment experiences for your students, but the technology you have in place today is holding you back? Do you battle with administrative time killers like double data entry or other data bottlenecks?

If so, join Transact for a brief, educational chat and see how you can:

  • Effortlessly deliver mobile-centric commerce experiences on-and-off campus
  • Enable contactless transactions anywhere and anytime with mobile-centric student IDs
  • Accelerate cash flow for tuition payments by enabling students and families to easily stay up-to-date
  • Reduce the administrative burden on staff with powerful pre-built higher-education technology integrations
selectnotselectIntegrated Payment Solutions
Transact’s Integrated Payment Solutions deliver diversified payment, tuition, commerce, and bill presentment solutions that leverage innovative technologies to improve the experience for both students and campus operations. With one centralized payment platform, students and families know exactly where to look to find their balance, pay their bills, understand their tuition obligations, and review their payment options.
This highly configurable platform integrates well with critical school systems, provides administrators with centralized data and management controls, and comes with strong client support.
Transact’s Campus Commerce Solutions power campus purchases across integrated point-of-sale solutions for student accounts tied to campus ID cards and mobile credentials. Streamline purchasing on- and off-campus with Transact’s Campus Commerce Solutions. You have your pick of campus commerce capabilities such as meal plans, dining, bookstores, concessions, printing, retail, mobile-ordering, vending, and more.
Transact’s mobile-centric Campus Commerce Solutions can also support contactless and cashless campus initiatives. Centralized access to real-time transaction data equips administrators to make data-backed decisions on resource allocation, budgeting, marketing opportunities, and more.
Transact’s Campus ID Solutions provide a secure, mobile-centric campus environment with contactless student ID credentials for effortless, campus-wide transactions and access privileges. Picture one ID (mobile, physical card, or hybrid) that can unlock a door, manage event access, mark attendance, and more. Campus IDs may also be used for Campus Commerce transactions. You get to decide which capabilities you want for your school. Benefits include centralized, real-time data, contactless and cashless campus options, as well as the ability to remotely lock down buildings and have strong campus safety monitoring abilities.

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