Campus payments, simplified.

Transact, the total equation.

Improve the student experience and streamline campus operations when you bring all campus payment processing onto one platform. Transact is your comprehensive student account management portal.

Simplicity + Clarity + Accessibility = Transact. It’s the total equation.

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With Transact, you can:

  • Accept payments all over campus
  • Offer flexible tuition payment plans
  • Create online storefronts
  • Ensure secure transactions with real-time ERP integration
  • Give students access to financial aid disbursement and payment services
  • Ensure compliance

Choose the capabilities that work best for your campus.

Whether your campus needs to process many types of payments or just a few, our dynamic payment platform makes it easy.

Total Equation



  • Payment Processing
    Process payments with web-based, multi-layered security and privacy features designed for higher education.

  • ePayment
    Securely automate how payments are collected across any device.

  • eBill
    Give students and authorized payers automated bill presentment and 24/7 access to statements.

  • eMarket
    Let students make retail, food, education, and recreation-related purchases across campus, 24/7.

  • Cashiering
    Securely manage over-the-counter tuition and non-tuition payments across campus.

  • eRefund
    Simplify financial aid disbursements and credit balance refunds with transparent, digital solutions.

  • Payment Plans
    Support first-time payers, give more choices, customize the timing of bill presentment, and overcommunicate.

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