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International payments don’t have to be complicated. Help your international students save time and money when paying their tuition and fees.

With over 1 million international students in U.S. colleges and growing, your university can lead the way to help these students manage their academic payments easily and conveniently.1 And with over 37 years of experience and 1,750 higher education clients, Transact is the international payment partner to help you do it.

Transact International Payments can support students from over 162 countries and accepts 134 currencies. Students enjoy same-day transfers, competitive rates, no international wire fees, and a complete payment experience within the student account portal on their desktop or phone. School administrators can benefit from utilizing one integrated platform, which ensures transactions are secure, compliant, and fully reconciled.

See why we’re an industry leader for your school’s international payment needs:

selectnotselectStreamlined, closed-loop payments.
Transact International Payments integrate with existing Student Information Systems, and all international payments are managed through one integrated platform.
Our campus technology solutions strictly adhere to rules for data security, privacy, and accessibility as set by the PCI Council, ADA, Global Processing, and other organizations.
Students can research, compare, and manage international rates and payments all from their student payment portal. They receive preferential foreign exchange rates with no international wire fees or bank transfer fees.
Students have access to 24/7 multilingual customer support, and universities receive dedicated, live customer support tailored to their campus needs.

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1, Annual Release


The number of international students in the U.S. is growing- and we're making it easier for them to call your campus home

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2020 CNP Awards:
Best E-Commerce Platform
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NEACH Innovation and Excellence Award
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2020 NFC Forum:
Best in Market NFC Implementation Award